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Fuel Tank

It had been my intention to make a new stainless steel fuel tank for my 110. Unfortunately I ended up having to replace the tank with a standard mild steel version as the original started leaking sooner than I was hoping. Continue reading →

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Rev Counter

The rev counter fitted was a VDO Cockpit Vision 52mm 6000RPM tacho. This fits straight into the original instrument pack (VDO is the manufacturer of the original Land Rover instruments).

The rev-counter is supplied as a complete kit – this comprises of the calibrated 52mm 6000 RPM rev counter, green illumination, screw ring, ECU pin and fitting instructions. The cost being £49.99 plus delivery (July 2004). It is a universal unit and will also work with all other Land Rover vehicles. The units will calibrate with either petrol (pulse) output or diesel – using the “W” terminal from the alternator (one of the three windings before they enter the regulating circuit). Continue reading →

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Land Rover Brake Fittings

The following information is courtesy of Bryn and was originally posted on the Difflock forum.

After seeing a lot of debate about Imperial & Metric brake pipes on Land Rovers, I have compiled a pic of the different types used for 3/16″ piping for your information. Continue reading →

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GSXR Paint Colour Codes

Suzuki’s colour coding system is tricky but thorough if willing to learn. Last 3 digits or combo of digits/letters at the end of a cosmetic part number. Can mean one colour, 2 colours and often 3 different colours.

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