GSXR Paint Colour Codes

Suzuki’s colour coding system is tricky but thorough if willing to learn. Last 3 digits or combo of digits/letters at the end of a cosmetic part number. Can mean one colour, 2 colours and often 3 different colours.

1986 GSX-R1100 Blue / White
Parts ending in 8JV
22R = pearl cool white
23Z = powerful blue
1986 GSX-R1100 Red / Black
1986 GSX-R1100 Red / Blue / White
1987 GSX-R1100 Blue / White
Parts ending with code 9HJ
22R = pearl cool white
34R = candy starlit blue metallic
1987 GSX-R1100 Red / Black
22P = Pearl Twinkle Red
13Z = Space Black
Metallic silver in decals
1988 GSX-R1100 Red / Black