Land Rover – Maintenance

This section isn’t designed to be a replacement for a proper workshop manual and relevant experience, but intended to be a collection of hints and tips to hopefully make the jobs easier and safer.

As this website is also used as my personal reference I have included some useful links to external sites, these are marked **.


  • Manifold gasket – replacing the manifold gasket on a 300Tdi engine.
  • Auxiliary drive belt tensioner – save money by changing the bearing in the tensioner instead of buying a new unit.
  • 300TDI cylinder head removal **
  • P gasket – replacing the P gasket on a 300Tdi engine.

  • R380 Oil Change – Improvise a tool so a torque wrench can be used when replacing the drain plug, and also drain the old oil without the usual mess.


  • Drop arm ball joint
  • Swivel housing

Axles And Transmission

  • Diff oil seal replacement



  • Clutch slave cylinder replacement **


  • Wiper Parking Problems
  • Fuses