Manifold Gasket

Here are few pictures taken while changing the manifold gasket on my 300Tdi Defender.

On removing the induction manifold a crack is visible in the gasket above no.1 inlet port.
The inlet ports are blocked with pieces of clean rag to prevent anything falling inside the engine while replacing the gasket.
The exhaust manifold securing nuts are removed using a 15mm socket, removing the centre lower nut first (behind turbo). As you can see a few of the studs also came out when removing the nuts on mine. With the exhaust manifold and turbocharger still attached to the exhaust front pipe, it can now be pulled away from from the head giving sufficient access to change the gasket. Please note they are very HEAVY. Support the exhaust manifold and turbocharger assembly to prevent any damage.
The mating faces are cleaned and the new gasket fitted over the manifold studs.

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