This Disk Transmission Brake conversion for Land Rover has been developed by X-Eng in the UK. Variations of the kit are available to fit the Defender and Discovery/Range Rover.

As I’m planning to fit an overdrive in the future, I’ve chosen the Defender PTO version.

If the X-brake is being fitted to a 300Tdi or TD5 Defender, then a lever actuating handbrake cable (NRC5088) must be used in place of the standard direct pull cable.

The diagram and list below show some of the additional parts which may be required in this case. The prices quoted were from the John Craddock website on 1 March 2006.

Key Part Number Cost (GBP) Description
1 NRC5088 9.13 HANDBRAKE CABLE RHD 90-110 TO LA935629 & RANGE ROVER TO CA265468
2 PC108291L 0.48 CLEVIS PIN FOR HANDBRAKE 90/110
3 WA108051L 0.21 5/16 OR 8mm ID X 17mm OD WASHER
4 PS104127L 0.21 SPLIT PIN 2mm X 12mm LONG
5 WS108001L 0.15 THACKERAY WASHER HANDBRAKE RRC (2 required?)
Kit parts.
The cubby box has been removed to gain access to the transmission cover.
Disconnect the handbrake cable at the lever end. (Yes I know the cable has seen better days!)
From the other side the cable simply pulls out from the lever bracket.
Original cable released.
Brake cable – lever end
Top: original 300Tdi cable
Middle: replacement cable (NRC5088)
Bottom: abutment bracket (NRC7984) is also required (£11.77)
Close up of the new abutment bracket (NRC7984) which positions the lever end of the cable correctly.
Brake cable – drum/caliper end
Top: original 300Tdi cable
Bottom: replacement cable (NRC5088)